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10 Ways To Stay Focused With Your Weight Loss Journey

Well hello you beautiful bunch of people!! HAPPY MONDAY!!

Do you ever have a Monday that doesn’t feel like Monday? Yeh, I’m having one of those which is great. I was going through my old blog and found this post from 2015, so I wanted to share it with you because it’s still 100% relevant now.

I’ve been on constant journey with my weight and eating habits over the years and have tried to remove unhealthy mental and physical habits that have been somewhat damaging over the years (another blog post on that is coming), but I’ve always found that practicing tips like these has been really beneficial.

1. Be realistic: 

Don’t set yourself a ridiculous goal like ” I’m going to lose 10 stone in a week”. It’s not going to work and the chances are if it does then it wasn’t done the healthy way. Set yourself goals that are possible to achieve; that way you won’t feel disheartened if you’re not 15 stone lighter after day two….which brings me onto my next point….

2. Have sub-goals: 

You should have your main goal set in place whether that be to lose a certain amount of weight, or to fit into a size that you could never fit into before, but you should also have sub-goals which will keep you going. It helps a lot seeing some sort of progress no matter how small it is. I think one of my recent sub-goals was to see a bit more definition in my legs after 2 weeks…which I have, so yay for me 🙂

3. Don’t get drawn in to FAD diets: 

I mean everyone is different, some work as a great kick starter for weight loss but for me, they don’t last. Oh gosh, about a year ago I did something called the General Motors diet for one week, just Google it. I was the crankiest son of a gun you could ever come across, hardly lost any weight and ate everything in sight as soon as it was over. I would avoid them.

4. Don’t rush: 

Everything takes time, and if you want this to be a lifestyle change then let it happen gradually.

5. Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror for too long: 

Ok, this is a weird one but it’s just something I’ve started doing. I’ve found that when I stare at myself every day and don’t see a change in my body I get disheartened and it sucks for a bit. I still look in the mirror to make sure I haven’t grown an extra boob or something (Although if it took me looking in the mirror to know I had a whole extra boob, that’s a bit worrying….but you get my drift) but it’s for a short period of time, and at the end of the week I can have a proper gander to see what else I need to work on and whether I see any changes…and if I don’t then it actually doesn’t feel as bad oddly enough.

6: Eat more veg: 

Yeh whatever, I’ve heard that one before…yes you have my dear, because it’s true! I’ve developed a close relationship with the humble salad and I have no intention of looking back. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you’re banging out at the gym, if you’re eating isn’t up to scratch, you’re not going to see the results you may be looking for….there’s a reason why everyone harps on about diet.

7. Make a good playlist: 

You probably wouldn’t think it but a good playlist makes a massive difference to a workout (well it does for me anyway)….I can push myself way more when I’ve got a good song on. I tend to play loud, fast songs with a lot of bass…or, on the other side of the spectrum, some slow sad songs to get me all caught up in my feelings…don’t ask me why, it just works.

8. If you don’t want to go to the gym. Don’t. Or do. Do what makes you happy: 

Not much to say on that…sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym because I can’t be bothered, in which case I’ll go to the gym. Other times I don’t want to go to the gym because I’m too tired mentally and physically and just want to sit in my bed and watch The Mindy Project or Heroes Reborn all night…in which case I won’t go to the gym. Just double check your reasons for not going, and see which is better for you in the long run.

9. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable:

It’s your body, your workout, you don’t have to dress like all these Instagram models, but if you want to, then do. I saw someone working out in a denim shirt and jeans or something yesterday and was slightly confused but if that’s what she wanted to wear then who am I to stop her? She still did her workout…that being said, I wouldn’t recommend jeans…just a thought.

10: Don’t rely on scales to measure your progress: 

Reason 1: Some scales lie…for real. I went on one of those full body measuring machines and it told me I shrunk a couple of centimetres and gained half a stone….went on a different one and it told me something completely different.
Reason 2: Muscle weighs more than fat
Reason 3: It’s not just about the number, it’s about how you look and feel; don’t let the scales dishearten you.


Thank you Mr Cliché… much appreciated. But it’s true… I don’t care how many times this needs to be repeated, it’s repeated for a reason. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others, try and think positively as much as possible, and be kind to yourself. Seriously, be kind to yourself, be kind to your mind, and be kind to your body. I think that’s one that people forget nowadays.


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I Can’t Keep Up With All This.

I just can’t.

I quit working full time at the end of last year to pursue my acting career and take my writing seriously. I knew it would be hard. But this is a lot.

I’ve got about 5/6 posts in my draft folder that I’m still yet to finish.

I have auditions to prep for.

Need to go and shoot a whole bunch of content for my blog and Instagram.

I’m trying to make some dolla dolla without having to sell a lung.

I’ve my book in the works that I still need to sort the illustrations out for and get interest from publishers.

Still yet to finish the storyboard for my short film that I’ve been dragging out since 2015

I’m trying to sort out my fitness routine and unhealthy eating habits.

As well as trying to ensure that my mental health doesn’t deteriorate.

Balancing this whilst trying to create interesting blog and social media content is hard af. I have so much respect for those that do this authentically and create great content..and those that do this full time, I really do.

As I’ve said before, I want to be as transparent with you all as possible so not every post will be rainbow drops, unicorns eating candy floss, and ‘look at my nice outfit’. Social media is not reality. Social media should not dictate your life or your happiness. And social media is not the be all and end all.

I’m writing all this to tell myself, and any of you guys in similar situations not to give up. There will be a struggle. You will compare yourselves to others even though we all know you shouldn’t really. And some days you just won’t want to write. That’s ok. Just make sure that you listen to your own needs. Don’t push yourself or break yourself just to please others. Once the joy of what you’re doing goes, is it worth continuing?

But, if this is what you love and want to thrive in then keep going…you will probably fall, just make sure you get up and dust yourself off. You can do this. ❤️

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You Know What? Just Be Yourself.

Hello loves…this isn’t going to be a long post because I’m about to eat the yummy dinner I just made, but also because it doesn’t need to be.

Ok, so I’m kind of writing this based on something that just happened to me; I won’t go into detail because, well because of reasons but it was pretty much a case of seeing a friend after a while and them asking me why I haven’t changed and am still as excitable and loud as I was when I was younger…

I’m naturally pretty loud, as in my voice has base and my laugh is ridiculous…and I mean RIDICULOUS…and over the years I’ve had strangers, friends, colleagues and family telling me “You’re too loud!!”, “you need to change that laugh!”, “why do you talk about/eat food so much??”, and so often I’d feel bad, it would chip away at me and I’d end up apologising and trying to adjust myself to please everyone…but you know what? I’m tired of that. I really am. I’m so bored of trying to change myself to please other people, especially people that are supposed to just take me for who I am….And no, that doesn’t mean I’m going to run around the streets screaming, I don’t do that anyway; I know about context and I know how to carry myself in situations but if I’m around people that are supposed to make me feel safe and accepted, I can’t keep compromising myself any more. You shouldn’t either. Unless you’re an a*shole then maybe listen to those giving you guidance (no-one likes an a*shole) but if you’re not….if your friends/family/whoever are telling you you’re “too nerdy”, or “your style won’t get you a partner, you need to dress more like this”, or “why are you so quiet/loud/happy/weird?”, whatever they’re saying; don’t feel you have to change yourself to be accepted. As long as you’re not hurting anyone they should love you for who you are, and if they don’t, well the door is just behind you, take the elevator on the first left to the ground floor and follow the corridor till you see the sign that says “EXIT”, and then walk out my life. Thanks.

be you

Let me know if anyone has told you to change something about yourself…how did it make you feel?

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February Wish List

Hello dears, I’m finally feeling better after having a savage case of the flu..yaaaay!! For some reason I’m mega hyped, maybe I’m hyped on life, maybe it was the pro plus and coffee I had a few hours ago, I dunno, the mystery unravels.

I just got a package that I’m so excited about…OoOOoo that might have added to my excitedness, duh…and that just reminded me of all the things I want. And so here we are…

1. Topstitch belted jumpsuit, £69, TOPSHOP

I just love everything about this. The shape, the stitch detail, the belt, the pockets…just gimme, I want it all!

2. Viva La Juicy Glacé, £89/ Viva La Juicy Noir, £71, Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is one of my go to fragrances, I’ve got the normal one, and I think it’s called “I Love Juicy”…I had a sniffy sniff of the Glace and it’s pretty much the same as the others but slightly softer..meh, I just want the whole Juicy collection

3. Bali £800+

Bali has always been on my list of places I want to visit..I plan on going on a solo trip there this year which I’m so freaked out about..I might do a retreat actually because it’s been something I’ve wanted to try for a while now…and the idea scares the crap out of me, which is why I need to do it.

4. Blue French Bulldog

Do I really need an explanation for this? Can you not see what I’m seeing here??

5. Strength

I mean this both physically and mentally. This year I’m trying to be braver, I’m trying to throw myself out of my comfort zone and fight for the things I want more. So for that, I’m going to need strength. Strength to stop myself from giving up and the first, second, third etc hurdle…Strength to pick myself up and try again if it doesn’t work the first time. Strength to deal with rejection, my insecurities, my environments and circumstances when they’re not going my way. And also strength to be a support system to the people I care about, even when I’m feeling weak. Physically speaking I want to push myself more with my exercise regime, and have more intense workouts where I push myself more, and try new workouts.

6. Buffalo Classic London Sneakers, £142

These chunky trainers are so badass!….I can picture wearing them with that Topshop jumpsuit I want, or a cute little dress.

7. Bed of Roses High Waist Two Piece, £30, Oh Polly

This is so frickin pretty!! Ahh, if only I had this on Valentine’s Day…would have sat in this whilst eating that extra large pizza I ordered..good times

8. Canon EOS Rebel T7i/EOS 800D, £699, Amazon

I’m trying to get better at photography and as much as I love my current DSLR, I’ve had it for a while now and want a new “toy” to play with…I really like the camera quality on Canon’s, I’ve heard Nikon has some really good DSLRs too so I’d be open for one of those…

I was going to make it a list of 10 but to be honest that’s all I want…I mean, if I could marry any of the dudes on my top 10 ‘future husband’ list then that would be great, but as for now..I’m good 👌🏽

What do you guys really want this month?? Or this year actually?


Images from google, travelzom, Pinterest, nxtldr, hbx,, prettylittlething
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1 Thing Everyone Should Do To Find Love

Hey beautiful people…I was going to do a nice Valentine’s Day Look post but I’m still recovering from the flu and can’t be bothered to put makeup on…maybe I’ll do one tomorrow for national Half Priced Chocolate Day…but also because this thought came to me as I walked my sweaty body home from my first gym session in almost two weeks…so without further ado, here’s my magical advice that will secure you love. Yes, I am an expert. I am not. I think people find it hard to detect sarcasm online so I always have to state when I’m kidding…maybe I’ll use italics next time. Whatever, I digress…so, what to do to find love?

Stop waiting.


Stop waiting for your friends to take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on: Book that ticket, and go. You’re strong enough, and brave enough to manage it solo.

Stop waiting till you have the perfect body or face to think you’re beautiful, because you are: Regardless of those mean thoughts that drive around your brain when you look at yourself in the mirror. So many people who have had dramatic weight losses still don’t feel how they thought they would when they first started their journey. Because despite what people think, the battle isn’t physical, it’s mental.

Stop waiting till you have a bajillion pounds/dollars/rupees/ naira/ whatever currency to start living life: That hobby you wanted to take up, take it up today. Tomorrow is never promised. Your mates don’t want to watch the film you’ve been looking forward to watching at the movies, cool, go by yourself; don’t wait for them to change their minds, go. You want to take up singing in public, go to karaoke. Now don’t get me wrong dears, singing might not be your biggest strength, we can’t all be Adele ok?! But at least you tried, you took yourself out of your comfort zone, and you did something that you wanted to.

And please please please,

Stop waiting for someone else to love you first before you start loving yourself: We live in a time where we are constantly seeking validation from others when we need to start validating ourselves. You need to stop relying on the instant gratification and validation that social media brings us because it’s a dangerous relationship to have. You seriously need to start seeing how amazing, smart, and funny you are…as well as acknowledge how beautifully and wonderfully you are made. Despite what the media and other outlets are telling us.

So when I say ‘to find love’, I don’t necessarily mean with someone else, I mean within yourself..anyone else is just a bonus

Heading off now because I’ve got a date, with the contents of my fridge..Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day whatever you’re doing

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Life Can Suck Sometimes….

I didn’t even realise that it’s been almost a week since I last posted…I don’t know where the week went, it’s as though my days dragged and flew by at the same time…

This post is going to be quick because I don’t want it to be a long rant and I need to head off to the gym….but yeh

Life has been weird for me lately….I recently took a break from work because I wanted to concentrate on my writing and acting, and to be honest, it’s been hard. I’ve been working since I was 16, and haven’t stopped since, it’s literally been all I knew; so to then go from 100-0 so quickly just threw me off  completely. I felt lost. I didn’t know who I was outside of work. I felt like I had no routine, no goal, no purpose ….and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling….so here I am writing this to try and remind myself, and others, to just trust the process…..I need to get to know myself again, do the things I like to do, start finding hobbies again, and just live…because it’s so easy getting caught up in the rat race that we forget about who we are once we’re stripped of our survival instincts to just work and block everything else out.

So yeh, sorry if this isn’t all happy clappy fairy dust and unicorn sprinkles but I want to be as transparent with myself, and with you guys as possible…. and if anyone else is feeling crappy, you will be ok. Hang in there bubba ❤


hang in there baby

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How Ugly Are You?

Good evening all…Incase you did not know (which you probably didn’t), I started blogging a while back but took a break because….well life. I was going through my posts on my old blog and came across this…I still think it’s so relevant so I’m going to recycle that post here…


Ok this is going to be brief because what I’m about to put below is all I want you take out of this post…no “laadeedaa this is what I bought today/ this is what I wore” …No. Please girls/boys/men/women/EVERYONE remember this always ❤




– Don’t diminish your worth based on what you think society wants/likes
– Stop focussing on your “flaws”
– Stop comparing yourself to other people
– Love yourself
– Respect yourself
– Know yourself; don’t try and be who you think everyone wants you to be, you are the way you are for a reason. Embrace it.

Darling, you are enough, and don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise.



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2018: New Year……Same Me

I know…..I know…”where have I been?” I hear no-one ask. Well….I’ve been, I’ve been breathing…eating…breathing some more..working…and eating. Did I mention eating? Ok, un-funny jokes aside, I’ve been working a ridiculous amount over the past few months; wearing myself out so I didn’t have energy for anything else, barely socialised, didn’t do anything fun, and was just an all round sack of bleh. I’m done with that now.

I’m taking a break for a few months just to realign myself. It may sound a tad douchey but it’s true. I’m trying to get to know myself outside of my current employment because that’s all I’ve known for so many years and that’s all I’ve identified with.

This year isn’t about becoming a “new me”. That suggests that I wasn’t good enough before, and negates all the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that have led me to where I am today. So no, not “new year, new me”, “new year, same me”….I’m just trying to focus on being a better version of myself and growing as much as possible. I have a few projects that i had put aside because I didn’t have enough mental or physical energy to pursue them whilst I was working, so I’m going to see them through. As for blogging. Well, I’m taking each day as it goes but expect to see a little bit more of me 🙂

Hope you all have an amazing year. Love yourselves, be kind to others, enjoy the process of life, and try to be the best versions of yourselves you can.