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Appreciation Post: Triple Whammy!


Please excuse my extra-ness but I’m so frickin excited! When you read why you’ll probably wonder how sad my life could be to get so excited about all this but sometimes it’s good to appreciate the smaller things 😊. So, without further ado


They’ve just released the new trailer for Infinity War and I almost cried…(blame my hormones for that part, cried watching ANTM last night because the girls were just so fierce). That and the upcoming release of Black Panther have brought me so much happiness today, so thank you Marvel!

2. HaloTop Ice Cream.

The US based company has brought out a whole bunch of delicious ice creams in 26 different flavours …Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Green Tea Mochi, and so many others…and at 240-360 calories per pint? I better be thanking them! They have FINALLY come to the U.K. and brought 7 yummy flavours with them

halo top chocolate.png



chocolate chip cookie dough
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
halo top mint chip
Mint Chip
halo top vanilla .jpg
Vanilla Bean
Peanut butter cup.png
Peanut Butter Cup


Halo top.png
Sea Salt Caramel


ice cream.jpeg
Cinnamon Roll

It’s taken me a bajillion years to get my hands on them because they sell out so quickly but I finally did.

Grab them at Tesco, WholeFoods, or Ocado.

3. Music: As a whole yes, I love music, but right now I’m talking about two specific songs

* Manya: Mut4y and WizKid

This is a song I’ve been listening to on repeat by Mut4y and WizKid…so frickin catchy!! Here’s the video…


*Second 2 None: Mura Masa ft Christine And The Queens

I heard this song a long time ago but no matter how many times I listen to it, I never get bored or sick of it….absolutely adore Christine And The Queens, I’ve watched a bunch of interviews with her too andΒ  she seems like such an intelligent, chill, lovely, person.

4. You Guys.

Just wanted to thank you guys for following my blog and putting up with my constant rambling…no I don’t have a bajillion followers but this isn’t all about numbers for me; it’s about genuine interactions. I appreciate you all ❀️

Have a great week guys πŸ™‚


*Images are from Halotop’s website, Ocado, and le google
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Review-Movie Edition: The Greatest Showman

Let me start by saying this. I’m an action girl at heart. My favourite genre has pretty much always been action and I’ve spent years obsessing over all things Marvel and DC so when I first heard about this musical, I wasn’t that interested. That is, until I saw Zendaya in a pink wig.

So I went to watch this with my friend the other day and here’s my honest thoughts….

I love this film. Absolutely love everything about it.

The acting on every part was absolutely perfect. Not too much, not too little, just enough for you to feel something for every character, and to feel invested in this narrative. Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents and yet again he proved that to be right. His relationship with onscreen love Michelle Williams was believable and real. Their relationship was liken to that of a fairytale but after the “happy ever after”, where sh*t gets real and the cracks start to form. Seeing them go through their hurdles and how they had to find each other again was beautiful.

The overall casting was also great, I fell in love, (well, deep like, let’s not go too far) with all the characters. Especially the little girls, whoever cast them did a good job because they’re both adorable and goofy at the same time.

The ensemble pieces were great, amazing vocals from all the cast, and the choreography…oh darling, just watch it and you’ll see. The visuals were breathtaking, shot after shot stunned and amazed me and I’m trying to think of a flaw in this movie but I really can’t. Not all reviews will be like this don’t you worry, I’m still yet to review “Mother!”

I have never cried throughout an entire film before. NEVER. But for this film, from about 5 minutes in it was like the taps were turned on and then broken. I was in bits throughout.

This movie has made the list of my top 20 favourite films of all time (that might only last a week, time will tell).Not just because it made me cry throughout, that isn’t necessarily the sign of a great film no. It’s on the list not only because it made me feel, but more importantly. It made me believe in myself.

I’ll leave you guys with my favourite song from this movie. I still can’t listen to it without welling up.




(All images were sourced from: Google, Wantedinrome, 20th Century Fox,, Metro, and Entertainment weekly πŸ˜€ )