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Review: Beauty Edition: MakeUp Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

Afternoon darlings, hope you’re all good, if not, I hope whatever you are going through gets better, and I’m here if you need to talk… anyways, I bought these concealers last month after watching a whole bunch of Youtube videos saying how great it is, especially in comparison to Tarte’s “Shape Tape” concealer.

This is what MUR said about these concealers: “The concealer for everyone. 18 shades ranging from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones. Lightweight yet full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, even skin tone and counteract dark circles, with a matte finish that won’t setting or accentuate fine lines and pores.

I was already impressed by how many shades this concealer came in, it’s refreshing to see a brand that instantly makes itself accessible to a vast majority of skin shades and undertones off the bat and not wait to gauge popularity before expansion. I purchased my shades online because my local Superdrug stores don’t have enough shelf space to stock all 18 shades, which is completely fair enough so there’s absolutely no issue there… but yes, I bought shades C12 and C13 and I’m actually going to buy a darker shade to use as a contour because I love these concealers…. I think I’m talking too much… onto the pics

And here are my struggle swatches

Thoughts on:

Packaging:  I think the packaging is adorable and it’s cute and lightweight; not much more to be said on that.

Formula: I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing makeup, which is a big reason why I don’t wear foundation, that and laziness, let’s say it’s 60/40. Ok that’s a lie, 20/80 but whatever. I don’t like heavy formulas and this isn’t.  Really light, smooth, with a nice matte finish which I didn’t get with my old Benefit concealer which was super shiny. It blends well and doesn’t go into the creases too much either  which is great

Price: Well it’s £4 ($6 I think) which is AHHMAAAZZZING!!  I’m the cheapest person I know so this price point brought me so much joy…it’s so worth it also

Wearability: It’s long lasting, I’ve worn this on nights out and it hasn’t really budged, need to go over it and re-blend when it goes into the creases after some intense dancing/sweating but apart from that, it fits the bill.

So yeh, essay over, in conclusion this is a great product, not just for the price but overall..hope to see more amazing products like this from MUR, going to check out their highlighters next 🙂

Here’s a before, during, and after of a makeup look I tried out using this concealer both under my eyes, and as a lip colour.

Btw, just took my hoodie off in the last pics, it’s the same day, I just took so long faffing around that it got dark, hence the rubbish lighting.

Anyone else bought these concealers?? Did you like them?


43 thoughts on “Review: Beauty Edition: MakeUp Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

  1. This is a nice review and I love the detailed step by step of the product. I have been using this concealer since it was launched and I must say it’s so nice and flawless under my eye . For the price , is such a good bargain.

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    1. Oh honeybun don’t worry, neither am I! I bought my first proper foundation last year and I only use it if I have to…this concealer is really good though! ☺️


    1. This is really good! I’m rubbish with makeup so it does the trick for me, simple to slap on and go about my business…think this will be good for you too if it’s your first concealer xxx

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  2. I’m not sure, I’m very loyal to my L.A Girl Pro HD concealer 😛 It lasts for months before it runs out, the coverage is fantastic and it feels not heavy on the skin and the price is super affordable. When I see it running out, then I always must go out and repurchase another. I do think the fact this concealer you mentioned comes in lots of different shades is a big thumbs up 😊 I’ll check it out though.

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    1. OoOOoo I don’t own any LA girl products…I’m not sure if they’re sold in the U.K…I’m assuming they are…maybe I’ll have a check at the rest of their products because you’re selling them very well 😂😘

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    1. I’m so tight with my money I didn’t even consider MAC but I know their products are amazing! I have one of their lip liners cause I just couldn’t resist ☺️


  3. Love this! It has a great coverage. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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  4. It sounds like a great product and the coverage is really good! It’s great that it also comes in so many shades, so that it suits any skin type.

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